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CDL Awards and Honors

Date Awards & Honors for CDL Resources/Services
2013/14 DataCite Gold Award, EZID
2013 National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) Innovation Award for DataUp
2013 Finalist, 19th annual National Medal for Museum and Library Service Award for Calisphere
2012 Larry L. Sautter Golden Awards for Innovation in Information Technology, DMPTool
2012 Larry L. Sautter Honorable Mention, EZID
2012 Top 10 Digital Preservation Developments of 2012 Award, DataUp and Web Archiving Service (WAS)
2012 DataCite Gold Award, EZID
2011 Top 10 Digital Preservation Developments of 2011 Award, DMPTool
2011 MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2011 Award, Mark Twain Project Online (MTPO)
2005 Society of American Archivists C.F.W. Coker Award, Online Archive of California (OAC)
2004 "Documents to the People" award, Counting California (Decommissioned 2008)
Date Awards & Honors for CDL Staff
2015 Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award, Becky Culbertson
2013 UCOP Innovation and Impact Award – Commitment to OP culture and Principles, Lena Zentall
2012 California Teachers Association's John Swett Award for Media Excellence – Journals / Magazines / Websites, Lisa Schiff
2011 UCOP Innovation and Impact Award – Advancing the Mission, Jayne Dickson
2010 Library of Congress’ Pioneer of Digital Preservation, Patricia Cruse
2008 Library of Congress' Pioneer of Digital Preservation, Stephen Abrams
2005 Literati Club Award for Excellence, Roy Tennant
2005 California Heritage Preservation Archivist Award of Excellence, Robin Chandler
2004 Librarian Emerita at UC San Francisco, Jacqueline Wilson