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Internship Program

The California Digital Library's internship program provides students with opportunities to participate in investigatory work and related projects in all of CDL's program and service areas, including digital curation and preservation, electronic resources management, scholarly communication, discovery and delivery services, and digital special collections.

Internship opportunities: The CDL offers defined internship opportunities on an as needed basis

Many of CDL internship projects provide ample opportunity for scholarly activities, including academic-year Masters' projects, research papers, presentations, and invited talks. The CDL maintains extensive relationships with external partners, and many projects involve other universities, professional organizations, or commercial firms.

Only currently enrolled graduate students in schools of library, information science, information or a related field of study may apply for an internship. Most internships are arranged for graduate school credit. In addition, some internships may offer a stipend.

From time to time, a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) relationship may be available for UC Berkeley School of Information students. If accepted, GSR interns will be paid at a rate determined by the School of Information. Students are responsible for meeting all university requirements for GSR appointments. Funds are disbursed through the School of Information.

Length: Internships are timed to coincide with students' academic calendars. Work schedules are flexible, and most internships allow for work to be accomplished from a remote location.

To apply: Internships that we think are especially well suited to a particular school's student pool will be posted at that school's internship site. In addition, students are invited to apply for the CDL's internship opportunities by emailing your resume and cover letter to Joan Starr. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Privacy: If you send your resume to CDL, it will be handled in conformance with our privacy policy. We will share it only with those who have a business reason to see it. Moreover, we will retain your resume in a secure manner and for no longer than six (6) months.

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