By Rosalie Lack, CDL Digital Special Collections Director

The CDL has transitioned the access of several image collections from CDL’s version of the Luna Insight service to other entry points.  This decision is a result of a recent analysis of access systems and a budget review.

Most of the image collections will now be accessed through Luna Commons (, a publicly accessible web-based interface.  Luna Commons provides an intuitive and much better user experience than the older version of Insight (both browser and client views) currently running at CDL, and it does not require a client software download to access images.  For the few collections that are not available in Luna Commons, we will be pointing to them in more current versions of Luna Insight hosted by other institutions, accessible directly through a web browser.

In the short term, we will maintain the CDL Luna Insight service for access to one resource: the National Palace Museum of Taipei image collection.  In the case of this particular collection, the image viewing resolution and download size is lower in Luna Commons than it is in Luna Insight.  We will be researching alternate access options for this collection in the future.

What do you need to do?

Since the resource PIDs (persistent identifiers) stay the same even when URLs change, you will not need to make any changes to links—provided you are using the PID.  However, if you linked directly to any collections through CDL’s version of Luna Insight, you will need to change those links to the PIDs listed below.  Likewise, if you are linking to any other webpage that is an entry point to one of these collections, we recommend you transition to using the PID at this time to ensure persistent access through the best interface available.

We will continue to update and maintain the page, which also provides a list of available image collections and their PIDs.

Persistent Identifiers for Image Collections

Collection NameNew Access PointPersistent Identifier (PID)
National Palace Museum of TaipeiNo immediate change: access through CDL’s version of Luna Insight
Andrew Dickson WhiteLuna Commons
CatenaLuna Commons
Claire HoltCornell
Rumsey MapsLuna Commons
John Carter BrownLuna Commons
Estate VirtualLuna Commons
Farber GravestoneLuna Commons
Hoover InstitutionLuna Commons
Icelandic PhotosCornell
Japanese MapsLuna Commons
Lee InstituteOnline Archive of California/CDL
Maps of AfricaLuna Commons
Political AmericanaLuna Commons
Pratt Ex LibrisLuna Commons
Pratt FashionLuna Commons
Rylands CollectionsUniversity of Manchester
Walter ScottEdinburgh University Library
World War II PostersBucknell University