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New Resources Available

June 22, 2006  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

a. Education Index Retrospective By Diane Childs (UCLA), Resource Liaison Education Index Retrospective, with indexing for 1929 through 1983, has recently been purchased by the CDL. On WilsonWeb, it complements the … More

Metasearch Infrastructure Project Reaches Key Milestone

May 25, 2006  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter  |  Author: 

A milestone in creating a UC campus configurable metasearch tool has been reached: an alpha, or very first testing stage, version of UC’s “Find It” metasearch tool was unveiled … More

UC Libraries Presentation at Board of Regents Meeting

May 25, 2006  |  Category:  Newsletter  |  Author: 

On Thursday, May 18, Dan Greenstein, Associate Vice Provost and University Librarian for the CDL, gave a presentation at the UC Board of Regents meeting about the accomplishments the UC … More

Updated CDL Technical Requirements for Vendors

May 25, 2006  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

The CDL’s technical requirements for database and ejournal vendors were updated in April 2006.  These documents reflect new or revised sections on information security, preservation, metasearch, and authentication … More


May 25, 2006  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

The California Digital Library is making available the first draft of its XML schema for copyright metadata, CopyrightMD.  This schema grew out of work at the CDL to address the … More

NISC’s “Africa-Wide NiPAD” replaces “African Studies” and incorporates “South African Studies”

May 11, 2006  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

By Ruby Bell-Gam (Resource Liaison), UCLA NISC is discontinuing its “African Studies” database, replacing it with the more comprehensive “Africa-Wide NiPAD”, which includes all of the content of two NISC … More

Vendor Changes for the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA)

April 13, 2006  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

By Susan Koskinen (UC Berkeley), Resource Liaison, and Susan Jurist, (UC San Diego), Resource Liaison We are happy to announce that the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and Bibliography of … More

Digital Dissertation Platform Change in Process

April 13, 2006  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter  |  Author: 

ProQuest is performing a phased migration of the Digital Dissertations database to the ProQuest interface.  This move should be completed with ProQuest’s summer 2006 release.  As part of this process, … More

Revised Image Displays in the Online Archive of California (OAC) and The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire Web Sites

April 13, 2006  |  Category:  Digital Special Collections,Newsletter,Online Archive of California  |  Author: 

The CDL recently completed an upgrade to its instance of the eXtensible Text Framework (XTF), which serves as the search and display system for the OAC.  As part of this … More

Library Staff News

March 23, 2006  |  Category:  Newsletter,Staff News  |  Author: 

a. Joan Starr Joins CDL as Project Planning Manager Joan Starr will be joining CDL as the Manager for Project Planning and Resource Allocation on April 7.  Reporting to Deputy … More