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WEST Invoicing 2014

April 14, 2014  |  Category:  WEST  |  Author: 

WEST will issue member fee invoices in May/June for the calendar year 2014. As previously announced via email to members in December 2013, there will be increases to the member … More

WEST accomplishments and member benefits

April 10, 2014  |  Category:  WEST  |  Author: 

The Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) has launched into its next three-year phase (Phase 2, 2014-2016.) During this next phase, WEST will strive to reach sustainability and will build upon … More

Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: March 2014

March 27, 2014  |  Category:  Collection Development,Licensed Resources,Newsletter,Shared Cataloging  |  Author: 

All the DDA pilots seem to be going strong. SCP is currently distributing records for four DDA pilots with records distributed for 1243 titles from YBP/Ebrary, 46 titles from CRC … More

UC Shared Print Teams launched and first quarterly report is available

March 25, 2014  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter,Shared Print  |  Author: 

The UC Shared Print Teams have launched and are currently prioritizing activities and developing a roadmap for UC shared print for 2014-2018. To read more about the activities your colleagues … More

WEST Program Assessment Survey, responses due March 19th

March 12, 2014  |  Category:  WEST  |  Author: 

WEST is currently conducting an assessment of Phase 1 (2011-2013). The assessment includes a survey of all WEST members. We want your feedback on WEST! Your responses to the survey … More

HathiTrust A Gold Mine for Researchers

March 6, 2014  |  Category:  Collection Development,Mass Digitization,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Heist from the San Francisco Mint?  An inside job?  Whatever the solution to this mystery, a crafty researcher used the HathiTrust Digital Library to try to track down the answer.  … More


WEST collects statistics from members and Archive Holders

March 4, 2014  |  Category:  Newsletter,WEST  |  Author: 

WEST recently collected statistics about deselection, archiving and lending and borrowing from our members and Archive Holders. These statistics are important parts of our reporting to the Andrew W. Mellon … More

Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: February 2014

March 4, 2014  |  Category:  Collection Development,Licensed Resources,Newsletter,Shared Cataloging  |  Author: 

We had only three major e-book package distributions in January, for Springer (1,121 titles), SuperStar (211 titles), and IEEE (53 titles). There was an overall decrease (117 titles) in the … More

CRL Webinar: PAPR’s New Public Features

February 26, 2014  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter,Shared Print,WEST  |  Author: 

The Center for Research Libraries will present new features added to the Print Archives Preservation Registry in an online webinar. A significant amount of holdings data has been added to … More

Licensed Resources: New Content Added to Web of Knowledge Subscription

February 20, 2014  |  Category:  Collection Development,Licensed Resources,Newsletter,Resource Liaisons  |  Author: 

The following new content has been added to UC’s World of Knowledge subscription for all campuses, on the Thomson Reuters platform ( Book Citation Index (2005-present) Conference Proceedings … More