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All Things Mobile

By Rachael Hu, User Experience Design Manager Here at CDL, we’ve been working hard all summer immersing ourselves in all things mobile. And we’re excited to share with you our … More


CDL Recruiting for Discovery & Delivery Programmer Analyst IV

July 29, 2010  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Melvyl,Newsletter,Resource Sharing,UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

Shape the future of discovery and delivery in library systems. Position: Programmer Analyst IV About you You are a senior programmer and digital library strategist committed to growing … More

UC-eLinks knows when you have left the building

July 27, 2010  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter,UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

UC-eLinks now alerts users to logon to their campus network. Why do we need this? Most of us have experienced the frustration of being denied access to articles and other … More

A Record-Breaking April for UC-eLinks

June 29, 2010  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Newsletter,UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

In the span of thirty days, UC-eLinks — University of California’s easy way to link from an article or book citation to the actual publication online — processed 900,000 OpenURLs.  … More

CDL Recruiting for Discovery & Delivery Programmer Analyst

May 27, 2010  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,Melvyl,Newsletter,Resource Sharing,UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

By Lynne Cameron, Technical Lead, Discovery & Delivery Shape the future of library systems. Position:  Programmer Analyst III About you You are a programmer interested in being part of a … More


HathiTrust Books Available via UC-eLinks

April 21, 2010  |  Category:  Mass Digitization,Newsletter,UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

CDL is pleased to announce access to selected HathiTrust books via UC-eLinks.  HathiTrust books free of copyright restrictions, contributed by both UC and other HathiTrust partners, are now available via … More


UC-eLinks new website and 2009 usage statistics

February 24, 2010  |  Category:  Newsletter,UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

By Lena Zentall, UC-eLinks Project Manager UC-eLinks new website UC-eLinks has a new face on the CDL website. As part of the CDL website redesign, we reorganized and refreshed … More

HathiTrust Update

By Heather Christenson, Mass Digitization Project Manager and CDL HathiTrust Project Manager The HathiTrust has released a January 2010 update.  The following are highlights of UC contributions to the HathiTrust, … More


UC-eLinks in Next Generation Melvyl

September 23, 2009  |  Category:  Discovery & Delivery,UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

[originally published as “Next Generation Melvyl – Improvements in Display of Online Resources” on Sept. 23, 2009] In its September 13, 2009 install, OCLC made improvements to the display of … More

Changes to UC-eLinks in Next Gen Melvyl

August 31, 2009  |  Category:  UC-eLinks  |  Author: 

[originally published as “Next Generation Melvyl – Evaluation Period Begins 8/19/09,” August 31, 2009] Starting on Wednesday, August 19th, users visiting are being directed to the Next Generation Melvyl … More