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Welcome to CDLINFO!

March 30, 2007  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology,User Experience Design  |  Author: 

Welcome to the new and improved CDLINFO. Written primarily for University of California librarians and staff, this electronic newsletter provides updates about California Digital Library projects, initiatives, and newly available … More

CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0 — available online

February 1, 2007  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

The CDL and Digital Library Services Advisory Group (DLSAG) are pleased to announce the release of the final version of the CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects (CDL GDO), Version 2.0. … More

XTF Update

December 14, 2006  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

CDL announces the latest XTF release: version 1.9. The main feature of the new XTF release is greatly improved documentation.  Almost all features are now fully documented, allowing users … More

Web Accelerators Can Cause Real Problems Accessing Licensed Resources

September 7, 2006  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

The use of web accelerators can be a great convenience. As accelerator use is becoming more and more prevalent it is necessary for campus library staff to be aware of … More

7train METS Generation Tool Released

July 13, 2006  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

The California Digital Library (CDL) is pleased to announce the release of “7train”, an XSLT 2.0-based tool for generating Metadata and Encoding Transmission Standard (METS) files from standardized XML inputs.  … More

The CDL Common Framework: Why It Matters

February 9, 2006  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

The CDL Common Framework is an open, services-oriented technical architecture that provides an integrating framework for services related to digital libraries.  As a layered architecture, it aims to … More

CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0: Draft Release

December 8, 2005  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Newsletter,Technology,Digital Special Collections  |  Author: 

The CDL and Digital Library Services Advisory Group (DLSAG) are pleased to announce the release of the draft CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects, Version 2.0 (CDL GDO), available … More

The CDL Digital Object Framework: A Core Digital Library Building Block

August 12, 2004  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

The CDL is in the process of revising the 2001 CDL Digital Object Standard: The new guidelines are slated for release in January 2005. Digital “built content” … More

Popup Blockers…Not Always a Good Thing!

October 9, 2003  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

Popup blocking software, which prevents unsolicited popup windows from displaying, is proliferating.  Popup blocking software is becoming an almost standard feature of personal firewall software packages, like ZoneAlarm … More

Suggestions for Linking into CDL Web Sites

July 10, 2003  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

Significant changes to CDL web sites will occur in August 2003. On August 1, Melvyl-T will become Melvyl, the legacy Melvyl service will be turned off, and users will be … More