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MyLibrary@CDL Progress Report

January 24, 2001  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

After extensive evaluation of the MyLibrary@CDL prototype and a review of CDL’s emerging priorities, active development of this system is being suspended indefinitely.  The prototype will remain available for … More

The UC Common Authentication Project (Terry Ryan, Associate University Librarian for Systems, UCLA, with CDL staff)

June 24, 1998  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

Systems that offer access to confidential or proprietary information require methods of identifying users and permitting them to use the resources for which they are authorized.  Traditional computer systems have … More

CDL Technologies Chosen as the New Name for CDL Technical Group

April 23, 1998  |  Category:  Newsletter,Technology  |  Author: 

Richard Lucier and M. Stuart Lynn (AVP, Information Resources and Communications) announced that the technical unit of the CDL will be called CDL Technologies.  It was felt that this name … More