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CDLers (and UCSBer) in Print

January 18, 2011  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Newsletter  |  Author: 

The latest D-Lib magazine is a special issue devoted to Research Data. It has an international list of authors, including a few from close to home.  John Kunze and Patricia … More

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DataCite Turns One

December 22, 2010  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Newsletter  |  Author: 

Recently I attended the General Assembly of DataCite, the international organization devoted to providing a reliable means of citing research data. The organization has made remarkable progress in a … More

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The Scholar’s Library is Global

November 16, 2010  |  Category:  eScholarship,Melvyl,Opinion and Commentary,Web Archiving  |  Author: 

There has been much talk of late about the need for and possibility of creating a National Digital Library (see the call by Robert Darnton and one response by Roy … More

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Go Giants! Persist!

November 15, 2010  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Strategic & Project Planning  |  Author: 

Hundreds of thousands of Giants fans crowded the streets of downtown San Francisco to welcome their conquering heroes home, many having waited a lifetime for the pleasure. Orange and black … More

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August 30, 2010  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Strategic & Project Planning  |  Author: 

Since March, I’ve had the opportunity of working with the UC3 team at CDL.  I joined part time, you might say, as the project manager for the EZID/DataCite project. (I … More

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Update on the DataCite Metadata Working Group

August 2, 2010  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Strategic & Project Planning  |  Author: 

It’s about time for a check-in on my experiences with the DataCite Metadata Working Group. I introduced this intrepid band a couple of months ago when we met face-to-face in … More

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Strength in diversity: notes from the DataCite Conference

June 21, 2010  |  Category:  Digital Preservation (UC3),Strategic & Project Planning  |  Author: 

In his groundbreaking book Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond argued that Europe’s key advantage over China during the Age of Exploration was the sheer number of European political entities. … More

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