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Eric Satzman

Eric Satzman


Web Production


Web Production Manager


Eric manages a team of web developers in supporting CDL's web services. He coordinates implementation efforts between content providers, programmers, visual artists, and other contributors. Eric is the principle front-end developer, building the UI architecture for many of CDL's projects and services. Projects include the California Digital Library web site, Calisphere, the Online Archive of California, the University of Calfornia Libraries, DataUp, Reshaping Scholarly Communication, Mevyl, IntraCDL, and others.


B.A., Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz


Before joining CDL in 2003, Eric was a co-founder of internet startup MetaExchange, an online commodities exchange. Additionally, he founded Satzman Consulting, a web consultancy.

Professional Interests

Professional front-end web development, mobile web development, multi-media, web standards and web accessability.