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Katrina Romanowsky

Katrina Romanowsky


Access & Publishing


eScholarship Community & Outreach Manager


Katrina Romanowsky works closely with other eScholarship team members to ensure that publishing and repository services are closely matched to user needs and responsive to the shifting terrain of scholarly communications. As Community & Outreach Manager, Katrina’s primary focus is on establishing strategies for building robust user communities and support infrastructure around eScholarship, for both current contributors and those for whom eScholarship is, as yet, unknown.


B.A., English Literature, Westmont College


Prior to joining the CDL in 2013, Katrina worked as a Consulting Services Team Manager at bepress, in Berkeley. Katrina held many responsibilities, including leading a client services group, training repository administrators and journal editors on the bepress system, supervising communications between the consulting services team and institutional clients, and facilitating cross-client interactions within the Digital Commons user community. Katrina was previously employed in the registrar's office at Antioch University Santa Barbara and as a digital editor at Scratchgravel Publishing Services, Auburn, Washington.

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