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Mark Redar

Mark Redar


Digital Special Collections


Senior Manager for UC3


Mark works closely with the DSC tech lead, Brian Tingle, to design and implement new services for our contributors. Most of our work involves loading more content or adding more features into and or tracking down the sources of strange issues that crop up. Mark is also called onto various special projects to provide technical assistance.


M.S. and B.S., Physics, from San Francisco State University


Mark entered the professional world as a novice programmer with Barra, a financial analytics company in Berkeley. From there, he worked at a number of dot bombs, programming in a number of languages and platforms. Prior to joining the CDL, He took a detour to work in a cabinet shop, learning CAD, CNC programming and a bit of cabinetmaking.

Professional Interests

Agile software development, RESTful interfaces, python, software security