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Nancy Scott-Noenning

Nancy Scott-Noenning


Collection Development and Management


Licensing Specialist


Nancy maintains CDL's digital content licensing archive and renders and posts redactions to the CDL Redacted Licenses web page, an ongoing project and reference tool for UC libraries and the general public. Nancy also assists the Licensing Manager with analyzing license agreements, editing contractual documents, communicating about license information with vendors and campuses, and accessing and maintaining specialized databases, including the CDL's Electronic Resource Management System.


Nancy grew up in Danville, California and spent her undergraduate years at Bryn Mawr College, the San Francisco Art Institute, and UC Berkeley, where she completed her B.A. and began graduate work in the History Department. Her graduate work was interrupted by the urgent need to earn a living, and she spent much of her professional life in the roots music business, first at El Cerrito's Down Home Music Store and later as an entrepreneur in the e-business Roots & Rhythm, selling blues, country, and a variety of ethnic / folk music on CDs. This work was interrupted by the urgent need to earn a living, which brought her to CDL in 2006. In her spare time, Nancy maintains a studio in West Berkeley where she makes jewelry and off-beat fashion accessories under the trade name of Roots Finery.