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CDL Technical Guidelines for Vendors

CDL Technical Requirements

  • Technical Requirements for Licensed Resources [PDF]: Technical requirements including major technical issues, CDL's preferred solutions, and the implications for vendors. (March 2011)
  • The Technical Requirements document also includes information on the following:
    • Metadata requirements for OpenURLs (section 4.7.1): The set of data elements that must appear in OpenURLs sent to the CDL SFX server and UC-Links
    • Linking requirements for publishers (section 4.6.4): Methods used to link to full content on the vendor site
    • User interface principles for vendors (section 5): Characteristics of a quality user interface
  • Resource Selection Criteria [RTF]: Resource evaluation criteria and checklist. (August 2005, update in progress)

UC IP Addresses

Vendor Interface Branding

Emerging Technologies


Last updated: January 16, 2013
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