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Information for Vendors

The California Digital Library licenses digital materials in consultation with UC campus subject area selectors (bibliographers) and the 10 campus Collection Development Officers. The acquisitions process reflects the CDL’s commitment to collaboration with campuses to discover and acquire electronic materials in support of campus teaching and research; most proposals take a minimum of three to six months for review and decision-making.

Open Letter to Licensed Content Providers

May 2009

Open Letter to Licensed Content Providers concerning the serious economic challenges facing the University of California Libraries.


The University of California Libraries ask all information providers with whom we negotiate content licenses to respond to the major fiscal challenges affecting higher education in California in a spirit of collaboration and mutual problem-solving. We expect to work with each of our vendors at renewal to develop creative solutions that can preserve the greatest amount of content to meet the information needs of the University of California’s students, faculty, and researchers.

Read the full Open Letter here

Resources for Vendors
CDL Licensing Process: Provides an overview of the process for acquiring digital resources.
CDL Technical Guidelines for Vendors: Includes information about major technical issues, CDL's preferred solutions, and the implications for vendors.
CDL Resource Liaisons: The Resource Liaisons are CDL's network of campus subject experts who monitor systemwide licensed resources. RLs play a vital role in vendor relations.
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