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Digital Library Services Advisory Group

Group Charge [DOC]

To enable the University of California to continue to excel in its instructional, research, and service missions, the UC libraries strive to enhance access to scholarly information, improve the availability of library services, and ensure persistent access to the high-quality digital materials that result from research and teaching at UC.

To help meet these goals, the CDL has formed the Digital Library Services Advisory Group. The group will discuss and communicate perspectives of mutual interest where benefits can be gained by sharing services and collections, leveraging technology, and pooling financial resources.

Membership Affiliation
Linda Barnhart, Head, Catalog Department UCSD
Stephen Davison, Head, Digital Library Program UCLA
Laine Farley, Executive Director (chair) CDL
Mara Hancock, Associate Director, Learning Systems, Educational Technology UCB
Bernie Hurley, Director for Library Technologies, Director of the Northern Regional Library Facility UCB
Gail Persily, Director, Education and Public Services; Associate Director, CIT UCSF
Merrilee Proffitt, Program Officer RLG
Joan Starr, Manager, Strategic and Project Planning (facilitator) CDL
Michael Yonezawa, Reference Services UCR
Last updated: November 09, 2012
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