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Submitting MARC Collection Guides and Item Records

Institutions can contribute MARC collection guides and item-level records using our voroEAD system.

Obtain a voroEAD Account

Contact us at to request a voroEAD account, in order to submit MARC records for publication in the OAC. The account also provides administrative privileges such as access to your institution's collection usage and extent statistics. Supply the following information in your request:

  • Name of each individual requesting the account
  • Complete contact information (phone, e-mail, etc.)
  • Institution name

Preparing Files for Submission

  • For recommendations on encoding MARC collection guides, see the UC Bibliographic Standards for Cooperative, Vendor, and Campus Backlog Cataloging (Appendix B, "Collection Level Records").
  • Files must be in the MARC 21 format (i.e., not MARCXML). Note that a single file may constitute an individual MARC record, or may constitute multiple MARC records.
  • We recommend naming files using lowercase letters and numbers, underscores, or dashes; do not include spaces. Use periods for the file extension only.
  • Use .mrc or .marc as a file name extension. Do not include punctuation at the end of the file name.
  • Within the context of the OAC display, the Leader 07 (BLvl; Bibliographic Level) MARC field is used to differentiate collection guides vs. item-level records in search and browse results. Any record coded as "c" (for collection) will appear on the Collections search results tab; otherwise, the record will appear on the Items search results tab:

OAC search results view


Submit Files

1. You will need to configure your computer to connect to our server, using a WebDAV connection, through a one-time setup process. Consult the WebDAV setup and troubleshooting page.

2. Upload MARC files from your workstation to your MARC Production Directory on our server, using the WebDAV connection.

3. Contact us at to request processing of the MARC files for publication. It takes approximately one week for files to move into publication, once they are processed.

Obtain Submitted Files

Your MARC Production Directory contains copies of your submitted files. To obtain your files, simply access the directory and download copies of the files.

Removing Files from Publication

To remove a record from publication, simply remove the file (comprising the individual record) from your MARC Production Directory. (If a file comprises multiple records, simply replace it with a file that does not contain the MARC record that you would like to remove). Next, e-mail us at to request re-processing of the existing MARC files for publication.

Edit, Replace, and Rename Files

Files can be edited via a replacement process, using the same procedures for submitting new files. To replace a file, ensure that the file name for the new MARC record matches the file name for the one to be replaced.

Last updated: November 22, 2013