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WebDAV Setup and Troubleshooting

voroEAD Setup Procedures

  1. You will need your voroEAD account information to follow these procedures. Your account information includes the following: EAD Production and Testing Directory URLs, a MARC Production Directory URL, a PDF Production Directory URL, a user name, and a password. You can obtain the URLs through your off site linkContributor Dashboard.

  2. Establish a WebDAV connection to your EAD Production Directory URL using the appropriate method for your operating system [PDF]. The URL should look something like this: https://voro.cdlib.org/oac-dav/...

  3. Establish a second WebDAV connection to your EAD Testing Directory URL using the steps outlined above. The URL should look something like this: https://voro.cdlib.org/test-oac/...

  4. Establish a third WebDAV connection to your MARC Production Directory URL using the steps outlined above. The URL should look something like this: https://voro.cdlib.org/marc-dav/...

  5. Last, establish a fourth WebDAV connection to your PDF Production Directory URL using the steps outlined above. The URL should look something like this: https://voro.cdlib.org/user-pdf-dav/...

voroEAD Setup Troubleshooting

  • Verify that your complete directory URLs (i.e., include "https"), user name, and password are entered when establishing your WebDAV connection.
  • Try utilizing a current and complete version of Internet Explorer to establish a WebDAV connection. To ensure your version is complete, download the free service packs for Internet Explorer from off siteMicrosoft.
  • Download a WebDAV client application. The CDL does not in any way endorse products or vendors listed here; the list will be updated as additional tools are identified for the OAC community.
    • off siteDAV Explorer is a freely available client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Mac OS 9 made available by the University of California, Irvine School of Information & Computer Science. To download and install DAV Explorer, do the following:
      • Go to the off siteDownload section of DAV Explorer. Select a "DAV Explorer for Windows" or "DAV Explorer for Solaris and Linux" Zip file under "Binaries", based on your operating system.
      • Go to the off siteInstallation section of Dav Explorer and follow the installation procedures. Please note the following:
        • You may need to install zip software, such as off siteWinZip, if you are unable to unzip the file. A free evaluation version of WinZip is available on their Website.
        • In order to run DAV Explorer, you will need to install Sun's free off siteJava Development Kit version 1.4.
    • off siteCyberduck is an open source/freeware resource for Windows 7 (recommended).
    • off siteBitKinex is a freeware resource for Windows 7.
    • off siteWebDrive is a resource for Windows NT/2000/XP/7 that can be purchased via the South River Technologies Website.
Last updated: June 04, 2014