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METS Toolkit

This "toolkit" of freeware, commercial, and CDL-developed resources will help contributors create and submit METS digital objects. It may also be useful for other individuals and institutions; however, please note that that the toolkit is designed to aid contributors and therefore contains some tools specific to our processes.

Encoding and Digitization Specifications

Collection Management Tools

off siteArchivists' Toolkit
An open-source archival data management system developed by UC San Diego, New York University, and the Five Colleges, Inc. The toolkit can generate EAD finding aids and METS digital objects. If you are hosting the application locally, please consult our OAC requirements guide; the guide explains how to generate exports to meet OAC specifications.

off siteCONTENTdm
A commercial digital asset management product developed by DiMeMa, Inc. CONTENTdm Standard XML exports can be used in conjunction with the 7Train tool to generate METS files.

off siteDigiTool
A commercial digital asset management product developed by Ex Libris Ltd. DigiTool can export METS digital objects.

off siteWebGenDB
A METS creation tool maintained by the UC Berkeley Digital Publishing Group (UCB DPG), primarily for use by the UC Berkeley libraries.

Transformation Tools

off site7train is an XSLT 2.0-based tool for generating METS files from standardized XML inputs (e.g., CONTENTdm Standard XML exports, OAI records, etc.).

ARK (Archival Resource Key) Tools

ARKs can be generated by any institution, using our minting software; alternatively, contact us if you'd like the CDL to generate a list of ARKs for you. An ARK is a URL created to allow persistent, long-term access to information objects.

Additional Resources

For additional methods, tools, and other resources used by repositories to generate METS objects, consult the off siteMETS website.

Last updated: April 24, 2015