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External linkeScholarship is the open access (OA) institutional repository and scholarly publishing platform for the University of California.

Home to more than 70,000 publications with more than 20 million item views since its inception, eScholarship enables UC scholars to openly share their existing publications with a global audience and provides alternative publishing options for new, original publications.

Open Access Repository - Archive your existing publications with eScholarship

  • The UC Open Access Policy helps UC faculty increase the reach of their research by enabling immediate deposit of all scholarly articles accepted or published after July 24, 2013 (or May 21, 2012, for UCSF faculty) into the eScholarship repository.
  • Some publishers also allow authors to deposit books, chapters, and conference proceedings - as well as articles published prior to the policy - in accordance with certain restrictions. Learn more.

Open Access Publishing - Grow the audience for your new, original works with eScholarship

  • Journals: UC faculty, students, and staff can leverage our powerful journal management platform to start a new academic journal or migrate an existing one to an open access publishing environment.
  • Books: eScholarship has the tools you need to elegantly display your book-length works online and supports print-on-demand sales for these titles as well.
  • Working Papers: Deposit working papers in eScholarship before your ideas get scooped, then link to the published versions when they’re ready.
  • Media & Data: Showcase your audio-visual content with eScholarship’s streaming media service, and open your datasets and data publications to the world.

Getting Started

Learn how to get started archiving your publications or developing/migrating a journal within eScholarship’s open access publishing environment.

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