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eScholarship Relaunch

The Publishing Group of the California Digital Library relaunched the eScholarship service and website in October 2009. The relaunch features a new interface with enhanced research tools, extended publishing services, and a dedicated URL - External

The redesign project focused on three goals:

Refocusing eScholarship’s mission and message

As part of our relaunch, we have removed the word “repository” from our name. Now known simply as “eScholarship,” the service continues to perform the classic institutional repository role of disseminating previously published materials but is increasingly focused on providing publishing tools for the original publication of UC-affiliated research. Our site and our new brand reflect our keen awareness of the significant need for infrastructure to support these kinds of original publications across the UC campuses.

Contextualization and authorization of publications

The new site has been designed to address the problem of academic authority that so often accompanies open access publishing. All eScholarship publications are now displayed within a viewing frame that establishes their association with UC departments, research units, journals, or publishing programs. The peer review status of individual publications is also indicated through the use of an immediately recognizable icon.

In addition, individual publications now benefit from a much stronger association with the larger corpus of publications with eScholarship, both through disciplinary and campus-based browse functions and via our “Similar Items” recommender.

Improved search and display tools

Central to the eScholarship site redesign was the effort to improve both the discovery of and access to publications within the site. Among the many technical innovations:

  • PDFs viewable prior to download
  • Visual snippets of documents (KWIC Pics) from search results
  • Facets for narrowing search results by UC campus, discipline, and peer review status
  • Social networking and RSS feeds
  • Similar items functionality
  • Keyword search within documents
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