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UC Publishing Services (eScholarship PLUS )

  • Extend your publishing capacity with shared UC resources.
  • Use multiple platforms to reach new audiences.
  • Place your research in a UC context and a global conversation.

A collaboration between the CDL’s Publishing Group and UC Press, External linkeScholarship PLUS offers UC departments, research units, and publishing programs the flexibility to provide free digital access to their book projects while retaining the ability to sell print copies.

Selected eScholarship PLUS offerings:

  • Digital and print-on-demand publication of books
  • Print distribution, sales, and marketing
  • Peer review and manuscript management tools
  • Persistent digital access and preservation

Current eScholarship PLUS publishing partners include:

Escholarship logoUcPubs logo   External link Learn more about eScholarship PLUS .

Last updated: August 20, 2013
Document owner: Justin Gonder