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Mass Digitization Overview

The UC Libraries are digitizing millions of books from their collections through participation in mass digitization projects with Google and the Internet Archive. These projects expand the UC Libraries’ ability to give faculty, students and the public access to information and support our exploration of new service models.



The CDL Mass Digitization Group provides project planning, coordination, and technical leadership for both mass digitization and External linkHathiTrust projects. This work encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and responsibilities:

    • leadership in UC relationships with our digitization partners;
    • creation and maintenance of technical standards and processes;
    • guidance to UC library operational locations, information sharing across the UC Libraries; and stewardship of UC’s digital copies of our books.


Mass Digitization Team
Renata Ewing Digitization Projects Coordinator
| staff profile available
Paul Fogel Acting Manager
| Paul Fogel staff profile available
Andrew Mardesich Programmer
| Andrew Mardesich staff profile available

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Last updated: April 07, 2017
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UC Libraries Digitization Statistics

Digitized as of March 2017:

3,948,603 volumes
1,303,038,990 pages
715,341 public domain volumes