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Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC): Priorities for Licensing

May 2003

The JSC enumerated these variables to guide scheduling priorities of electronic resource licensing:

  • Number of times cited by various disciplines (i.e., number of votes from bibliographer's survey)
  • Compelling rationale
  • Documented faculty support and demand
  • Ranking within discipline
  • Proven value (e.g., widely and successfully owned)
  • Digital version adds substantial value over print version
  • Subject balance
  • Sizable constituency
  • Meets acceptable licensing, performance, and access terms
  • Consortial advantage (price, ports, etc.)
  • UC faculty-created resource
  • Publication by non-profit and/or represents innovative, sustainable model
  • Balance of material types (i.e., reference, abstracting/indexing, full-text)

Lower priority will be assigned to materials where access is already adequate, where there is no systemwide cost advantage, that present technical difficulties, or where there is comparable open-access material.

Last updated: December 14, 2012
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