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Cataloging & Linking Guidelines

Documents include cataloging guidelines for all licensed content including e-monographs, journals, and databases as well as linking guidelines for licensed content and open access materials.


CDL Cataloging Guidelines: Conventions for Cataloging Electronic Resources CDL and SCP conventions for fixed fields, variable fields and notes for electronic serials, electronic monographs, and online databases. (September 2009)

CDL Cataloging Guidelines: Decision Points [PDF]: Guidelines for when to use a single or separate record; outlines specific applications. (October 2008)

Assigning California Document Call Numbers (January 2004)

Linking Guidelines for CDL Licensed eJournals [PDF]

Linking Guidelines for CDL Licensed eMonographs [PDF]

Linking Guidelines for SCP Cataloged Open Access eJournals [PDF]

UC Link Resolver General Principles & Detailed Linking Guidelines [DOC] (October 2005)

Persistent Identifiers (PID) Gateway

CONSER PURL Basic Documentation [PDF]

SCP record deletion

Last updated: December 15, 2016
Document owner: Becky Culbertson