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Batch Conversion of Resource Records into Separate Records

**NOTE: this is an archival document retained for historical purposes and is no longer maintained as of March 9, 2009.**

The following will be done in Pactech to create the separate records:

  1. Gather records for a particular package into review file.
  2. Output the record in MARC format using: I > Output MARC records (bib/item)
  3. Reload them in INNOPAC using: I > LOAD an Insert MARC file (m2btab.binsert) This will load the records with all the appropriate defaults except for the branch. The branch will have to be part of the global update until we can determine the cause of the problem with the load table.

The following will be done using Millennium Cataloging's global update and needs to be done in two stages:

Global update #1:

  1. Delete 020's with subfield "z"
  2. Delete existing 530 fields

Global update #2:

  1. Change byte 23 in the 008 to "s"
  2. Change the 010 field subfield "a" to subfield "z"
  3. Delete 019 field(s)
  4. Add the GMD |h[electronic resource] to the 245 field. This is at least a two-three pass process. First add after subfields "a", "n" and "p" and before any subfield "b." If no subfield "b" exists, add before subfield "c." If no subfield "c" exists then add to the end of the field.
  5. Add a 533 field. Example: Electronic reproduction.|nMode of access:World Wide Web.|nRestricted to UC campuses (Check the 856 to determine what information should be inserted here)
  6. Add a 530 field. Example: 530 Also available in print
  7. Delete 6xx second indicator 4 fields
  8. Delete 910 field
  9. Convert all 740 0[blank] fields to 246 13 fields
  10. Add 776 1[blank] |cOriginal
  11. Add appropriate 920 fields
  12. Change branch to CDL

Subsearch file to find 007 fields respresenting accompanying material for the print. (e.g., CD-ROM)

  1. Delete 007 in record(s) found doing a subsearch on 007 field for |b with codes other than "r"

The following steps will be done using a Passport for Windows macros:

  1. Use Add006 macro to insert 006 field into the records
  2. Use ISBNto776 macro to transfer any ISBNs in the 020 subfield "a" to the 776 field as subfield "z" - consecutive subsearches and updates need to be done until there are no 020's in the records to update
  3. Use OCLCto776 macro to copy the OCLC number from the 001 field and add it to the 776 field as: |w(OCoLC)[number]
  4. Use 001e macro to change OCLC number

After all above is done the final using global update is:

  1. Add a 599 field. Example: 599 NEW|bclone|c030307
Last updated: December 14, 2012
Document owner: Becky Culbertson