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Status Chart of SCP Cataloging Sets in Progress

**NOTE: this is an archival document retained for historical purposes and is no longer maintained as of March 9, 2009.**

Last updated: October 29, 2007

Shared Cataloging Program Database
Title of Resource Set Format and Numbers of Records Status
ABI Inform Global Serial (1043)

Cancelled August 7, 2005

Records removed from ROGER, PIDs deactivated, and SCP updates distributed on 08/08/05. (08/05/05)

AACR journals Serial (6) DONE (02/23/06)
AccessWorld News Serial (583) Ongoing

ACM Digital Library conference proceedings

ACM newsletters

Monograph (WorldCat) (1513)

Newsletters (30)
ACS Web Editions Serial (103)  
ADS (free)    
AIP conference proceedings Monographs (207) DONE Separate record clones sent.
AIP journals
DONE -- Backfiles for 6 titles added. (04/21/05)
Alt-Press Watch (UCSD)

Serials (171)

Current, up-to-date. Renee has created individual PIDs for the journals. Students will be inserting these into the records and resending (03/11/04)
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Serials (10) DONE--14 new titles cataloged. (06/09/04)
APS (American Periodicals Series) Serial. (1700+) Used WorldCat microform set for cataloging records for UCSD Record set exists in Pactech; 1380 are unsuppressed in Roger--all others are not available online at this time. Some records have been cloned for SCP (02/18/03) but not yet sent. There has been delay due to URL problem and collection of campus statistics.
American Physiological Society Serial DONE (09/04/03)
Applied Science and Technology Serial (99) In Process (08/21/07)
Berkeley Electronic Press Serial (19) DONE--new title, Economist's voice, cataloged (10/07/04)
BioMed Central Serial (185) CURRENT (08/21/07)
BioOne Serial (70) DONE New titles for 2005 cataloged. (07/01/05)
Black Drama Monographs (906) DONE distributed on 12/1/03
Blackwell-Synergy Serial (550+)

DONE Updates and some new titles for 2006 in process (05/22/06)

British Medical Journals Serial (29) DONE (04/16/03)
California Documents



Cambridge journals online Serial (163) DONE New titles cataloged for 2006. (05/22/06)
Chinese Academic Journals (CAJ) Serial (1700)

**SCP records for these titles have been deferred as of 03/31/03 due to unstable content.

CIAO Monograph
DONE 160 titles. (03/11/05)
CINAHL Serial (460) CURRENT (07/07)
CogNet Serial Current, up-to-date
Computer Database Serial (300)

Cancelled July 2004
Records have been removed from ROGER. SCP updates and deletes were distributed to campuses on 06/28/04.

CRCnetBASE Monograph handbooks (632)

Serial (27)

We try to check new titles once/month
ATSDR's Toxicological Profiles (DONE)
CHEMnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
ENGnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
ENVIROnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
Food Chemical News (FCN) (DONE)
FOODnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
FORENSICnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
InfoSECURITYnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
ITknowledgeBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
MATHnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
NEUROSCIENCEnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)
STATSnetBASE (Current to 06/01/07)

Database records for most of the above titles DONE (10/04/02)--Becky

CRC journals: Current content moved to Informaworld. (current to 06/01/07)

Digital Evans Monographs


Distributed 2006

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Serial (1000+ ) In process. 2,195 titles cataloged so far. (07/16/07)
Duke University Press Serial (28) DONE Moved to HighWire Press. PIDs have been changed and SCP records redistributed. (12/15/05)

Early American newspapers (via Readex/Newsbank)

Serial Dublin core records available
EBSCO business source premier Serial (2222+)

CURRENT as of 2006

EEBO (Early English Books Online) Monograph (125,000) ProQuest has customizable record sets available for each campus; UCSD has microform set for STC I and STC II with 42,000 OCLC Early English books WorldCat set records. All have call numbers. UCB, UCD also have at least some records for STC I. UCB, UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCSB, and UCSD have records for Wing. The ProQuest EEBO records done by ProQuest do have call numbers. EEBO records supplied to them from ESTC and Indiana do not.
eHraf Database (Individual parts cataloged) Approx. 140 titles

DONE Records for ethnography collection distributed on 05/03/04.

Records for eHraf collection of archeology in process. (12/21/05)

EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) Serial DONE All PIDs updated to reflect new EIU interface. (03/01/05)
(see University of California eScholarship)
Ethnic Newswatch Serial (301) Current, up-to-date. Current, up-to-date. Renee has created individual PIDs for the journals. Students will be inserting these into the records and resending (03/11/04)
Expanded Academic ASAP Serial (2224)

Updated PIDs to point to the SFX resolver. Starting July 15, EAASAP will require campus specific IP authentication for access. NOTE: Titles without ISSNs may not be linking properly due to SFX limitations. (10/24/05)

All old CDL MAGS have been converted. (09/22/03)

GenderWatch Serial (183) Current, up-to-date. Renee has created individual PIDs for the journals. Students will be inserting these into the records and resending (03/11/04)
Gerritsen Collection Serial (132)
Monograph (6700)
Not yet cataloged. On the lookout for record set
HighWire Press Serial In process--freely available titles. (03/24/03 Becky cataloging)
IEEE Xplore journals, conference and colloquia proceedings & standards Monograph (WorldCat). Conferences (4700+); Colloquia (1500?); Standards (1600?); Journals (199) Conferences: currently working on 2006-2007 conferences as they are digitized. Up-to-date! (07/16/07)

Standards: Current, up-to-date.

Colloquia: in progress, 944 titles cataloged so far (05/05/05)

IIBP Serial (90) CURRENT(07/07)
IIMP Serial (109) CURRENT (07/07)
IIPAFT Serial (38) CURRENT (07/07)
IOP Serial DONE 4 new "free" titles cataloged for UCSD. Not yet licensed for CDL but content is currently free for the first year. (04/19/04)
JSTOR Serial (478)

Current (07/16/07)

(now SpringerLINK)

LexisNexis Academic Serial In process. 650 titles cataloged so far (10/29/07).
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
(Journals@OVID full text)

Four titles still in process of migrating to OVID platform (05/28/04)

Literature Online (LION)

Serial (202)

Monographs (14,300)

Journals: current, up-to-date (04/03/06)

Monographs: working on vendor records to add LC class nos., uniform titles, verified headings, corrected GMDs, subject headings. Have distributed over 14,300 records (03/06)


Marcel Dekker
(now: Taylor & Francis)
Serial (81)

DONE Contract ended 2004. All titles have been closed out with 2004 content and replaced by T&F. (07/25/07)

Making of America Monograph DONE Separate record clones sent (06/16/03)
Materials Research Society Online Proceedings Library (MRS OPL) Monograph In process. (12/21/05)
Mary Ann Liebert Serial (57) DONE Old URLs updated to reflect new platform. (11/22/04)
MD Consult



Journals: Looking at converting gateway level URL to journal publication-level URLs. (09/22/03)

Monographs: New titles checked once/month by Kate

MIT Press CogSci Collection Monograph (WorldCat) (371)

New titles for 2004/2005--cataloging in process.

National Academies Press Monograph (WorldCat) (2200)

New NAP titles being cataloged. In process (04/01/05)

2200 records awaiting revision before becoming a WorldCat set. Becky currently working on monographs, biographical analytics are next. (07/28/05)

Nature Serial (43) Nature archive journals (2006 license), cataloging in process. (01/30/06)
NRC Serial  
Optics infobase Serial (9) DONE (09/23/05)
Oxford Reference Online Monograph (103)

DONE New titles for 2006 cataloged. (05/22/06)

Tier 2. Single records cataloged for UCSD; cataloged as separate records for UCI and UCSB (sent in Aug. 2003).

Oxford University Press Serial (138) 

DONE New titles for 2006 cataloged or updated. (05/22/06)

OUP PIDs have been updated to reflect new domain: oxfordjournals.org. (05/27/05)

Periodicals Archive Online (formerly, PCI Full Text) Serial (424) 

Coverage updating for added backfiles (content as early as v. 1 and current to 1995) in process (07/21/07).

Cataloging current as of February 1, 2005.

Project MUSE Serial (334) Current, up-to-date
PsycARTICLES Serial (70) CURRENT (07/07)
Regional Business News Serial (75) In process
RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) Serial (38) DONE 2 new titles cataloged (02/10/06)
Safari Tech Books online (via ProQuest) Monograph (857)

New titles will be cataloged as they are digitized. Current to May 2007.

Sage journals online Serial (350+)

Cataloging new titles as they become available. Current to May 2007.

ScienceDirect Serial (1558)

DONE Feb. 2006 Updates and new titles in process. (04/04/06)

DONE Updates for backfiles and new titles licensed in 2005. (05/05/05)

SIAM Serial DONE SIAM Archive (Locus) cataloged. (01/04/05)

Monographs (813)

Serials (205)

SPIE Digital Library  

Base set plus current records (2207 titles) distributed (01/05)

PIDs have been created. (06/24/04)

SpringerLINK Book Series (monograph)

Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology

Advances in Polymer Science

Advances in Solid State Physics

Handbook of Environmental Chemistry

Landolt-Börnstein New Series

Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences

Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences

Lecture Notes in Mathematics

Lecture Notes in Physics (also Lecture Note in Physics Monographs)

Molecular Sieves

Progress in Colloid & Polymer Science

Reviews in Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology

STAR Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics

Springer Tracts in Modern Physics

Structure & Bonding

The Prokaryotes

Topics in Applied Physics

Topics in Current Chemistry

Topcs in Current Gentics

Topics in Organometallic Chemistry

We try to check new titles once/month

Cataloging current as of February 9, 2006.

LNCS backfiles have been cataloged but not cloned or distributed to the campuses yet. (07/25/07)

LNCS current is up-to-date.


SpringerLINK (ejournals)  

DONEFeb. 2006 Springer backfiles (04/28/06)

DONE Springer backfiles for the following collections are done:
Behavioral sciences (10/26/05)
Biomedical & Life sciences (1/06)
Business and economics (11/08/05)

Chemistry and materials sciences (07/08/05)
Computer science (10/22/05)
Earth & environmental sciences (11/06/05)
Engineering (11/23/05)
Humanities, Social Science and Law collection (12/07/05)
Math (1/06)
Medicine (1/06)
Physics and astronomy (10/20/05)


See: Blackwell-Synergy



Taylor & Francis Serial (1169)

DONE (07/25/07)

Thieme Serial (4)

DONE (09/22/03)

University of California Press eScholarship editions Monograph (1363) DONE (02/10/06)

U.S. Congressional Serials Set (via Readex/Newsbank)

Serial Dublin core records available

Serial (364)

DONE Wiley Analytical Sciences backfiles in process. (05/22/06)

DONE Wiley Materials Science backfiles in process. (08/05/05)

DONE Wiley Cell and Developmental Biology backfiles done. (07/28/05)

DONE Chemistry backfile updates done. (01/03/05)

WilsonWeb art full text Serial (155) CURRENT (2007)
WilsonWeb education full text Serial (286+) CURRENT (2006)
WilsonWeb Lib Lit full text Serial (110+)

CURRENT (07/07)

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