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Shared Print Strategy Team (SPST)

The Shared Print Strategy Team develops strategies and directions for collaboration around print collections among UC Libraries and with extramural partners.

The Team is charged to plan and implement strategies, including development of a Strategic Plan and RoadMap for future priorities and activities.

For more information, please review the Project Team Charge.
The Strategy Team is supported by the Shared Print Operation Team.

Appointed Members
University Librarian Brian Schottlaender (UCSD) Term ends December 2018
AUL Collections Jim Dooley (UCM) Term ends December 2016
AUL Collections John Renaud (UCI) Term ends December 2017
Bibliographer (Humanities) Becky Imamoto (UCI) Term ends December 2016
Bibliographer (Social Sciences) Joseph Yue (UCLA) Term ends December 2018
Bibliographer (Sciences) Brian Quigley (UCB) Term ends December 2017
AUL Technical Services/Cataloging John Reimer (UCLA) Term ends December 2017
AUL Public Services Ann Frenkel (UCR) Term ends December 2018
Preservation Officer Roger Smith (UCSD) Term ends December 2016
Permanent Shared Service Members
CDL Shared Print Manager Emily Stambaugh (Team Manager)
CDL Analyst/Project Manager Danielle Watters Westbrook
UC SRLF Director Cathy Martyniak
UC NRLF Director Erik Mitchell

Reports to: Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC)
Charged by: Council of University Librarians (CoUL)
Liaisons with: Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) and Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG)
Supported by: Shared Print Operations Team (SPOT)

Last updated: August 24, 2016
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