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Licensing Toolkit

The CDL Licensing Toolkit is designed to assist you with the negotiations and licensing process; it is intended for University of California staff only. If you are working with a publisher who needs information about the licensing process, please refer the publisher to the Information Gateway for Vendors.

Licensing Guidelines

  • Standard License Agreement for UC internal use [password protected] and public version: Provides an overview of the preferred terms for all UC licenses.

  • License Agreement Checklist: Points that must be addressed in a CDL or UC license.

  • Letter of Intent [RTF]: Once negotiations are agreed upon, use a "Letter of Intent" to provide a written agreement to the vendor to license a product and gain access before the formal contract is signed.

  • Campus Discounts: Campus discounts offered by vendors currently or in the past.

  • Tier 2 Process: Tier 2 licenses are initiated by campus library staff. They are multi-campus contracts for e-resources that are negotiated and signed by a sponsoring campus and funded by participating campuses.

Cost Share Models

  • Cost-Sharing Models [DOC]: Principles underlying the cost sharing model for co-funding electronic resources as endorsed by the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) and the Collection Development Committee (CDC).

  • Current Year Standard Shares [XLS]: Lists the campus percentage shares recommended by the JSC.

  • Carnegie Classifications: CDL uses pricing models based on the Carnegie Classification of Institutes of Higher Education.

  • UC Enrollment Data : Current UC year-average data for use with pricing models based on full-time equivalent enrollments (FTE).

Technical Guidelines

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