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Discovery & Delivery's Role in HathiTrust

The Discovery and Delivery Team proudly partners with our colleagues at the University of California and in the broader HathiTrust community to advance the HathiTrust’s vision of a shared digital future. We’re partnering in all these areas and we’re busy!


  • Hathi.worldcat.org will be the primary interface for finding HathiTrust content, paired with the HathiTrust Book Reader.

Page Turner

  • GnuBook is an open-source page turner.
  • We are working on the integration of GnuBook focusing on a thumbnail book page view which will allow users to scan several pages at once and identify pages with interesting features like artwork and data tables.

HathiTrust & UC-eLinks

  • UC-eLinks is University of California’s link resolver system based on the Ex Libris SFX software. We have developed a HathiTrust target for UC-eLinks, which provides the ability to link to a HathiTrust item from anywhere the UC-eLinks button appears.

Metadata Analysis

  • We are providing bibliographic metadata support for digital object ingest and linking.

Metadata Management

  • We are proposing a flexible framework for the management of metadata at many levels which will provide improved update, match, and merge functionality to the HathiTrust. Learn more about this project on our HathiTrust Metadata Management System project page.

Digital Object Validation

  • We are developing a tool to enable digital object validation of recently ingested content.
Discovery & Delivery’s Hathi Team
Patricia Martin CDL's Mass Digitization Steering Committee | Staff profile available
Stephanie Collett Developer | Staff profile available
  Metadata Analyst    
Michael Thwaites Programmer & Testing Coordinator | Staff profile available
Margery Tibbetts UC-eLinks Technical Lead | Staff profile available
Last updated: September 05, 2014
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