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Patricia Martin, Director, Discovery & Delivery, California Digital Library

To: Ralph Horton, OCLC
  UCVDX-L (for information)
  ILL Operations Team (for information)
  RSC (for information)
  RSC-IAG (for information)

The CDL Resource Sharing Team is making some important changes impacting VDX effective February 14, 2011.

Debra Bartling, CDL’s VDX Technical Lead, will be moving to a new project of great importance to the UC community, the WEST initiative. WEST is a distributed shared print repository program for retrospective journal archives, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). CDL Senior Developer Bob Brandriff, who has been working closely with Debra over the past year, will take over as VDX Technical Lead.

We’re also welcoming a new team member to CDL, Joe Ferrie, who will be joining in mid-February. Joe will work closely with Bob and the rest of the CDL Resource Sharing Team to get up to speed so that he can serve as VDX Technical Lead when Bob retires at the end of June 2011.The existing members of the CDL Resource Sharing Team will continue: Product Manager Leslie Wolf, Analyst Sherry Willhite, and Programmer Claudia Woo. And we are happy to report that Information Service Analyst Alison Ray will be returning February 7 to provide additional front-line support.

What does all of this mean for the ILL units? Certain things won’t change. We’ll respond to your trouble tickets via VDXTROUBLE-L. You will continue to get an automated response to your inquiries, but we will be triaging everything to see if it is a critical issue that needs work. Only critical issues will be fixed at this point; everything else will be tracked only. We’ll work to bring all the campuses onto VDX Document Delivery and Site Actions. And we’ll continue working with the ILL Operations Team, looking for opportunities to provide self-service training you can use for staff and student workers.

What will change? Bob will concentrate on training Joe Ferrie, focusing on system stability, security and the essential housekeeping tasks that require VDX reconfiguration to maintain the status quo. Enhancement requests will be recorded for future review and we will freeze development of the data warehouse, Report Runner – sometimes known as jReports. The data will continue to be refreshed, current and available for your use; however, we will not be able to create new report types. We will also be able to help if you have problems with existing reports.

We’ll be working with OCLC to develop an optimum timetable for the move to VDX 5.1; the next migration will not be scheduled before the end of 2012.

I would like to thank Debra Bartling for her tremendous effort over the last 3 years. She has made a powerful difference by building a strong, stable service and by partnering with the campuses to help improve their work flow. Debra was the architect of Report Runner, a service that has allowed the campuses to run their own reports and use that information to improve ILL and collection processing. Please feel free to post any questions you might have to the ILL community listserv, UCVDX-L. We will continue to update you via UCVDX-L about our progress, and we’ll be introducing Joe Ferrie to all of you when he comes on board.

A critical issue is one that does any of the following

  • makes unavailable a system required to do necessary work
  • makes unusable a system required to do necessary work (with no workaround)
  • jeopardizes the integrity of the data
  • causes system instability
Last updated: October 06, 2015
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