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September 22, 2014

Teams & Contacts

Groups actively involved in the strategic direction and ongoing maintenance of Resource Sharing services.

Resource Sharing Team
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ILL Operations Team

Debbie Cox, UCSD
Joe Ferrie, CDL
Scott Hathaway, UCSB
Jenny Lee, UCLA
Jason Newborn, UCD
Alison Ray, CDL
Denice Sawatzky, UCM
Linda Michelle Weinberger, UCI
Jutta Wiemhoff, NRLF
Leslie Wolf, CDL (Chair)

Questions? Contact Leslie Wolf

Other Contacts
Interlibrary Loan Advisory Group (IAG)
Campus contacts for Request.
API Contacts
Campus technical contacts for patron authentication.
Circulation Liaisons
Campus contacts for OPAC circulation notices and problems.
Integrated Library System (ILS)_Liaisons
Campus contacts for location changes
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