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For Interlibrary Loan Staff

CDL's Resource Sharing team Service Committment to ILL Staff.

Key resources for University of California ILL staff working with Request.

VDX Webinars

  • VDX 7.0: New Features Webinar: [Streaming]
  • VDX 7.0: Question & Answer session July 30 2013: [Streaming]

VDX Manuals



VDX technical documentation

About Request test accounts

Database codes & names used in Requests [DOC]

ISO fields used to transmit ILL data [DOC]

About VDX

The University of California licenses the VDX system from OCLC to provide the basis for the UC Consortial Borrowing System. VDX manages UC's ILL processing and complements the internally developed components of Request.

The current version of VDX is 4.1. It was installed on August 1, 2010.

As of July 16, 2012 the VDX application is hosted by OCLC. CDL continues to provide support services for the VDX user community and maintains integration between VDX and Request.

VDX client applications

The primary interface to VDX for ILL staff is the VDX web client, at https://ucill.vdxhost.com/vdx.

A VDX Windows client, which is primarily an application configuration tool, is available via a remote desktop at https://apps.vdxhost.com. The remote desktop application requires Windows Explorer 8 or higher, and requires that the user download a Windows Explorer plug-in.

For further information on accessing and using the VDX client applications, see VDX technical documentation

About the CDL ERMS portal

The two groups relevant to ILL information are: ILL and Other Use Restrictions.

More information about these fields can be found in the

ERMS Terms of Use Guide.


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