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October 01, 2014

VDX Technical Documentation

List of known bugs and enhancements



VDX 8.1 Update Session: Article Exchange Presenter: Jenny Lee (UCLA) 22 August 2014 View video


VDX Document Delivery Advanced   Presenters: Jenny Lee (UCLA), Scott Hathaway (UCSB) 10 May 2011  View PDF


VDX 4.1 Overview   Presenters: Alicia Amador (UCLA), Jenny Lee (UCLA), Scott Hathaway (UCSB)  10 Aug 2010  View video

Zportal/My ILL Requests in VDX 4.1   Presenter: Alicia Amador (UCLA)  24 Aug 2010    View video

Lending in VDX 4.1   Presenter: Jon Edmondson (SRLF) 7 Sept 2010   View video

VDX Document Delivery     Presenters: Jenny Lee (UCLA), Scott Hathaway (UCSB)   7 Dec 2010  View PPT   View video


Documents are in MS Word "doc" format.

Adding New Users

Adding new users—VDX Web   9 Jun 2010 View doc

AQ service

Request and the OCLC Availability Query (AQ) Service 8 Jun 2011 View doc

Document Delivery

VDX Document Delivery Manual   16 July 2012 View doc

Testing VDX Document Delivery   13 Dec 2010 View doc

Filters and Saved Searches

Creating a Saved Search and recomended saved searches Aug 2010 View doc


Updating returnables and copy nonreturnables to Shipped with costs 28 Jul 2010 View doc

VDX FAQ   View page

VDX Vendor Documentation   UC use only—password required

  Note: UC VDX configuration has been customized for some areas.

VDXipedia Current Events Web page   Go to web site

VDX 6 Web Admin Manual Part 1 View PDF

VDX 6 Web Admin Manual Part 2 View PDF

NA VDX Users meeting July 26, 2010 Webinar   View video

NA VDX Users meeting July 26, 2010 Slides   View PDF

WebEx ARF player is required to view NA VDX Webinar   Download WebEx ARF Player

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