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WorldCat Local Development (Beta Versions)

WorldCat Local Beta
First Search Beta
Beta Planning

Ongoing improvements

WorldCat Local makes small improvements on a monthly basis. You can learn about the changes in the Melvyl monthly release notes and we communicate relevant changes via CDLInfo News.

New integrated discovery interface in the works: WorldCat Discovery Services

In the longer-term, OCLC is working on major changes to WorldCat Local: a new discovery interface with major functional and design improvements. FirstSearch and WorldCat Local will be merged in this new interface. It's called WorldCat Discovery Services.

Development work will happen in a beta environment - visible only to institutions participating in the betas. The beta process, which began in 2012, is lengthy --spanning several years for both the FirstSearch and WorldCat Local betas.

At some point, the new merged discovery interface will move from beta into production and all WorldCat Local institutions will be expected to move to the new product within a specified time period -- about a year. At that point, we will evaluate the best time for Melvyl to make the migration.

In the meantime, we will share important news in CDLInfo News, and on this page. When the time comes, we will work with stakeholders on updating instructional materials, announcements to users, and more.


Dates from OCLC as of February 2014.

Product Beta (start/end) Production (start) Deadline to migrate
FirstSearch February 2013-October 2013 March 2014 TBD
WorldCat Local April 2014 ~November 2014 TBD

WorldCat Local Beta

WorldCat Local Beta is the merging of the Melvyl WorldCat Local and FirstSearch WorldCat into a single improved interface.

Contact: Melvyl Operations Team

Beta start: April 2014
Beta end: November 2014 (expected to be functionally equivalent to the existing WCL by this date)
New WorldCat Local in production: ~2015

When will UC move to the new WorldCat Local? TBD. Very rough estimate: mid-to-late 2015.

WCL Beta Advisory Group

OCLC has convened a WorldCat Local Beta Advisory Group. The first call was February 2014. Margery Tibbetts and Lena Zentall from the Melvyl Operations Team and Bob Heyer-Gray, Resource Liaison for OCLC, will participate in the Advisory Group. The role of the Advisory Group is to provide feedback on OCLC’s direction and strategy and to influence the design of the interface and additional features. The Advisory Group will meet every 2 weeks.

FirstSearch Beta

Contacts: Holly Eggleston (CDL), Robert Heyer-Gray (UC Davis)

FirstSearch is a CDL-managed licensed resource. CDL's FirstSearch resource liaison, Bob Heyer-Gray is in charge of the FirstSearch beta. We are currently testing two instances in beta: Melvyl and UC Davis Melvyl.

Beta start: February 2013
Beta end: July 2013 (development continued into October 2013.)
FirstSearch in production: March 2014

When will UC move to the new FirstSearch? After the new merged version of FirstSearch and WorldCat Local is in production. See WorldCat Local Beta below.

Learn More

Beta Planning for CDL & Campuses

Monitoring Progress

CDL Melvyl Operations Team: Before, during, and after the FirstSearch and WorldCat Local betas, we monitor progress, including:

  • Soliciting OCLC's timeline.
  • Flagging potential issues for UC.
  • Communicating with John McCullough (OCLC Discovery Manager).
  • Attending monthly webinars.
  • Attending quarterly WorldCat Local User Group webinars.

Campuses: Bob Heyer-Gray, Melvyl & FirstSearch Resource Liaison monitors progress. Send suggestions for changes to the WorldCat Local product by using the feedback link at the bottom of every Melvyl page.

Technical Role

CDL Melvyl Operations Team: We manage the service configuration and work with OCLC on technical problems with FirstSearch and WorldCat Local beta versions.

Campuses: A possible role in testing.

Migration Plan

CDL Melvyl Operations Team: Our current plan is to move to the new integrated WorldCat Discovery Services platform after both FirstSearch and WorldCat Local are in production. We have strongly advocated for OCLC to extend the migration time for WorldCat Local libraries to ensure two migrations are not necessary.

Campuses: A possible role in testing. Update instructional materials.

Last updated: April 15, 2014