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September 22, 2014

Melvyl Operations Liaisons

  • Roster below (revised September 2014)
  • Charge [PDF] (November 2011)

Summary and Background

The Melvyl Operations Liaisons are charged to provide Melvyl technical and operations support in the campus libraries, serving as a single point of campus contact for the California Digital Library (CDL) Melvyl Operations Team. Appointed by SOPAG and managed by the CDL, the liaisons’ responsibilities include organizing technical testing and feedback, and providing updates for campus-specific data. The group was established and charged in November 2011.

Tasks Include

The Melvyl Operations Liaisons, making recommendations to the CDL Melvyl Operations Team, and in communication with their campus colleagues, are charged with the following:

  • Providing guidance on Melvyl operational issues.
  • Providing updates to CDL on campus-specific configurations.
  • Testing new functionality under the guidance of the Melvyl Operations Team.
  • Serving as a single point of contact for answering technical questions asked by the Melvyl Operations Team.

Expected Deliverables

The Melvyl Operations Liaisons will respond to requests for information by the CDL Melvyl Operations Team, via the group’s convener, in a timely and efficient manner.


The Melvyl Operations Liaisons, appointed by SOPAG and managed by CDL, will provide a brief (1-2 page) annual progress report to SOPAG, including a basic outline of its activities throughout the previous year and a restatement of its membership roster. The annual progress report to SOPAG is due in April, as indicated in the Council of University Librarians’ Annual Review Calendar. The convener will forward a copy of the report to the CDL Melvyl Operations Team lead.


The Melvyl Operations Liaisons communicate primarily through an email listserv; there are no regular meetings. The convener of the group will communicate requests from, and responses to, the CDL Melvyl Operations Team. In response to requests for campus specific information, liaisons will gather input from appropriate campus colleagues and relay the input back to the Melvyl Operations Liaisons convener.

Melvyl Operations Liaisons Listserv (members only)

Sharepoint site (members only)


The primary purpose of the Melvyl Operations Liaisons is to respond to requests for information and functional and/or technical testing from the CDL Melvyl Operations Team. As such, the decision-making and actions relative to information gathered by the group rests with the CDL Melvyl Operations Team, which may, in turn refer decisions to the Melvyl Advisory Group.

Membership and Terms of Appointment

The Melvyl Operations Liaisons will include one representative from each of the ten UC campus libraries, one from each of the two UCL RLFs, and a representative from CDL. The group’s convener will be the CDL representative. CDL and campus library members will be identified by the corresponding campus SOPAG representative; RLF members will be identified by the corresponding RLF director. Appointment is indefinite.


CDL contact: Lena Zentall Melvyl Operations Team (melvylops@cdlib.org)

Campus Liaison Email
Berkeley Eileen Pinto
Davis Dale Snapp
Irvine Colby M. Riggs
Los Angeles David Rickard
Merced Thomas Bustos
Riverside Terry Toy
Santa Barbara Ana Fidler
Santa Cruz Shawn Duncan
San Diego Greg Ferguson
San Francisco Beatrice Mallek
NRLF Charlotte Rubens
SRLF Colleen Carlton
Last updated: September 17, 2014