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Expert Searching in Melvyl


Expert searching is available in Melvyl. You can limit your search to a specific index such as keyword, ISSN, author.


How does it work?
Simply use one or more index labels when you search.


What’s an index label?
Abbreviations used to limit your search to a specific index.
For example: “kw:” is keyword, “issn:” is ISSN, “au:” is author.


For example, you’re looking for a book with the word surrealism in the title and you know it’s part of the Yale French Studies series. Your search would be ti: surrealism se: Yale French Studies

Where do I find the list of index labels?
In WorldCat Help: Index labels and expert search examples

Under ‘Melvyl’ on the CDL Instructional Materials web page.

Last updated: February 09, 2015
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Feedback in Melvyl

Staff and patrons can use the "feedback" link at the bottom of every WorldCat Local page. These comments come directly to the Melvyl Operations Team.

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