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October 21, 2016

Teams & Contacts

Groups actively involved in the strategic direction and ongoing maintenance of Melvyl.

Liaisons (Campus)
Melvyl Operations Liaisons
Melvyl technical and operations support in the campus libraries, serving as a single point of campus contact for the California Digital Library (CDL) Melvyl Operations Team.
Integrated Library System (ILS)_Liaisons
Campus contacts for location changes.
Melvyl Staff Account Contacts
See "Melvyl Staff Account Contact" in Melvyl Operations Liaison roster.
Melvyl Operations Team (CDL)

Strategic Action Group (SAG) 2: Access, Discovery & Infrastructure
Melvyl is affiliated with SAG2.
Todd Grappone (UCLA) is the Melvyl Operations Team Liaison to SAG2.

Last updated: March 03, 2015
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Feedback in Melvyl

Staff and patrons can use the "feedback" link at the bottom of every WorldCat Local page. These comments come directly to the Melvyl Operations Team.

Technical configuration request?

Email the Melvyl Operations Team

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