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For UC-eLinks Liaisons

Each campus has a local UC-eLinks liaison that is responsible for maintaining links to content in their campus instance of UC-eLinks.

Liaisons do testing and share information about UC-eLinks with their campuses.

UC-eLinks Liaisons

CDL contact: ucelinks@cdlib.org

Campus Liaison Email
Berkeley Barbara Cormack
Berkeley Nga Ong
Berkeley Katie Keyser
Davis Xiaoli Li
Irvine Keith Powell
UCLA Alan Takara
UCLA Angela Riggio
Merced Jim Dooley
Riverside Carla Arbagey
Susan Trujillo
Santa Barbara Elaine McCracken
Santa Cruz Michael Bello
Lisa Wong
San Diego Stacy Nelson
San Francisco Alan Daniel
San Francisco Min-Lin Fang
Last updated: February 23, 2016
Document owner: UC-eLinks Team
Contact Us

UC-eLinks liaisons and administrators: Email ucelinks-admins-l@ucop.edu. (The CDL UC-eLinks team is on this list.)

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