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Usability & Trends

UC-eLinks continually monitors user feedback to the CDL Helpline. CDL's User Experience Design Service Team does contextual interviews with faculty and students when the UC-eLinks Team is considering making changes to UC-eLinks. After making changes to UC-eLinks, we do more assessment to gauge the impact.

Evaluations and usability of UC-eLinks
Report Description Published
UC-eLinks Direct Linking Usability Report Findings from a round of usability tests and user interviews about UC-eLinks direct linking functionality at UC Berkeley in January 2009 March 2009 pdf document
Overall UC-eLinks Trends: 2004-2007 Charts and statistics. Key trends: overall usage, services in the menu, clickthroughs. January 2004-November 2007 December 2007 excel document
UC-eLinks November 2007 Assessment Report: UC-eLinks Redesign Project Findings and recommendations about existing and potential service options for the UC-eLinks service menu conducted at UC Santa Cruz and UCLA in November 2007 January 2008 pdf document
UC-eLinks UCSD Assessment Report: UC-eLinks Redesign Project Usability testing conducted on a prototype UC-eLinks window at UC San Diego in February 2007 March 2007 pdf document
UC-eLinks usability testing Summary of usability testing results and possible mitigations for the UC-eLinks page, links to UC-eLinks services, and the route from heavily used database vendors (Gale, Ovid, PubMed, Web of Science) to UC-eLinks at UCSC and UCSF in October 2003 January 2004 pdf document
Last updated: February 23, 2016
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