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HathiTrust Partnership

HathiTrust is a collaborative digital library built and maintained by a partnership of research libraries across the country. HathiTrust holds millions of digital volumes, primarily digitized via large scale projects.  The HathiTrust repository supports both digital preservation and access, with a range of access services encompassing permitted uses of books digitized by Google and full access to public domain content.

The University of California is a founding partner and major contributor, reflecting the size and scale of UC’s digitization projects, and depth of digital library expertise.  UC has significant representation at all levels of External link to contact informationHathiTrust Governance, and CDL contributes to the ongoing development of infrastructure and services.

HathiTrust supports the following priorities of the UC Libraries:

  1. Preservation: Store as much of UC mass digitized content as possible in the HathiTrust repository.  Contribute to a robust preservation environment to ensure safety of UC content.
  2. Access: Provide access to UC’s mass digitized collections.
  3. Collection development and management: Position the UC Libraries for collection decisions by via HathiTrust collection development and management activities.
  4. Rights: Deposit as much public domain content as possible into HathiTrust.  Lawfully open as much of the content as possible to end users.
CDL HathiTrust Leadership
Ivy Anderson HathiTrust Program Steering Committee Member
Heather Christenson Project Lead
Paul Fogel Technical Lead

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