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How to Use the CDL Helpline Web Site

[The CDL Helpline web site is powered by Numara FootPrints® from BMC Software.]

Logging into the CDL Helpline web site

The first time you visit the CDL Helpline web site, click on the New Users: Sign Up Here link and fill in the New User form.

Once you've signed up, your email address becomes your User ID and your Password is whatever you set it to be during the sign up process. Then click the Login button.

Once logged in, you can:

  • Submit a Request, i.e., report a problem
  • View Requests, your own and all Requests submitted by UC staff
  • Search for a specific resource or vendor to see if problems have been reported
  • Sign on to Global Issues (if any are currently available) to receive the latest updates via email on a previously reported problem

Submitting a Request

The “New Request” form is very straightforward; mandatory fields include Title, Personal Information (which is filled in automatically when you log in), Type of Problem (pulldown menu), and Description of the problem. It's helpful if you can enter as much of the optional information (ISSN/ISBN, Vendor Name, Database, or Access Point) as possible. Additionally, you can attach a file, such as a screen shot, and cc others via the Attachments and Additional Email Notifications features (optional).

Currently, the Type of Problem pulldown menu includes the following options:
Vendor Issues*,  Melvyl,  UC-eLinks**, and  Misc/Other.

* If you select Vendor Issues as the problem type, a dialog box displays an additional pulldown menu that allows you to further define the type of vendor problem you are reporting. Subcategories include:

  1. Access problems: Use to report access problems to any/all parts of the resource; this is the default selection.
  2. Content problems: Use to report missing content, broken links or PDFs, etc.
  3. Vendor site problems: Use to report when you cannot access the vendor's site at all.
  4. Misc/other: Use to report any other vendor problems.

** For the most part, you should always use the "Report problems with UC-eLinks" link on the UC-eLinks menu to report specific UC-eLinks problems because the article citation and database information is automatically supplied along with the feedback form. However, you can submit generic problems you've noticed with the UC-eLinks service via this menu option.
Note: If the UC-eLinks service is completely unavailable, always call the CDL Helpline immediately at (510) 987-0555.

Receiving updates on your reported problem

You'll receive email when any action is taken on your ticket or whenever anyone, such as the vendor’s customer service representative or a CDL staff member, responds to your ticket. The email will be from the CDL Helpline (helpline@cdlib.org) and the subject line will include ticket-identifier information after the subject text you entered:

  From: CDL Helpline <helpline@cdlib.org>
  To: Enduser.Test-Account@ucop.edu
  Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 13:05 -0700
  Subject: UCSF cannot access OUP ejournal titles ENTRY=5 PROJ=1

Very important information here: Reply directly to the CDL Helpline email address and do not alter the subject line. (You can remove "Re:" or "Fwd:" from the subject line if these bother you; removing these will not affect the functioning of the ticket-identifier information.)

Finally, always remember to call the CDL Helpline at (510) 987-0555 to report urgent/critical outages, such as when a major service (UC-eLinks, etc.) is unavailable.

Last updated: March 12, 2015
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