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Infrastructure Projects

Selected Projects

Project Description Timeline
AWS Migration Learn AWS services, design the CDL environment, migrate computing infrastructure to Amazon EC2, MySQL database infrastructure to Amazon RDS, using other AWS services as appropriate. 2015-2016
Decommission Physical Infrastructure Decommission physical infrastructure in the UCB and UCOP Data Centers on completion of AWS migration. 2015-2016
CloudWatch Metrics for Application Owners Provide CDL application owners a secure method to review performance metrics for their EC2 and RDS instances running in AWS. 2015-2016
Change Control for Production Environment With the AWS migration, CDL is taking on management of the production environment. Implement robust change control practices. 2015-2016
Redesign LDAP for High Availability Redesign OpenLDAP infrastructure to take advantage of AWS services for high availability. Implemented a multi-master configuration, with instances in multiple availability zones behind internal load balancers. 2015-2016
Move to AWS Reserved Instances Review potential cost savings for AWS reserved instances. Evaluate alternative models for development/stage instances. Purchased RDS reserved instances. 2015-2016
Evaluate CloudTrail Monitoring Tools Evaluate tools for monitoring and auditing the AWS environment. 2015-2016
Configure CDL Domains in Route 53 Consolidate domain name registrations. Migrate management of DNS to AWS Route 53. 2015-2016
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