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Your data management plan

Planning for your data management needs ahead of time will save you time and resources in the long run and ensure that your data will be usable in the future. A formal plan can be valuable to you and may be required by your funding agency. Topics to cover in a written plan include:

  • name of the person responsible for data management within your research project
  • description of the data and the methods used to collect or create the data
  • how data will be documented throughout the research project
  • how data quality will be assured
  • backup procedures
  • how data will be made available for public use and potential secondary uses
  • preservation plans
  • any exceptional arrangements that might be needed to protect participant confidentiality or intellectual property

For tips on creating a data sharing or management plan:

Guides to Data Management

The following guides cover general principles for managing your data, plus selected information related to particular formats or disciplines.

Credit to MIT Libraries for permission to use and adapt their pages and to members of the UC3 community.
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