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Manage Your Data

Managing your data before you begin your research and throughout the research life cycle is essential to ensure usability, preservation and access. Federal agencies and other funders now require that grant awardees include a data management plan with their grant proposals. We can help you meet these new requirements.

UC3 is ready to consult with UC faculty members and researchers as you develop data management plans. Please contact UC3 directly, or contact your UC campus representative for more information.

Data Planning Checklist:

  1. Your data management plan
  2. Funding agency requirements
  3. Creating your data
    1. What types of data will be produced for your project?
    2. What identifiers will you use for your data?
    3. How will you document your data?
    4. How much data will the project produce?
    5. How often will the data change or be updated, and will versions need to be tracked?
  4. Organizing your data
    1. What file formats will be produced for your project and what kinds of data management risks do they present?
    2. How will you organize your files into directories and what naming conventions will you apply to both?
  5. Managing your data
    1. Who is responsible for managing and controlling the data?
    2. For what or whom are the data intended?
    3. How long must the data be retained?
    4. How secure are the data? Do you have a procedure for backing up the data?
  6. Sharing your data
    1. Does project funding require your data to be shared or publicly accessible?
    2. When and where do you intend to publish or distribute your data?
    3. How do I cite data?
    4. Are there issues with privacy or intellectual property?
  7. Tools and expertise
    1. Where can I go for more help?
    2. Can Merritt help me manage my data?
    3. Can EZID help me create and manage long-term identifiers?
    4. Can I use Chronopolis to preserve my data?

Credit to MIT Libraries for permission to use and adapt their pages and to members of the UC3 community.
Please send us any comments about these guidelines.

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Last updated: December 14, 2012
Document owner: Perry Willett