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WAS Cost Calculator

The Web Archiving Service is available to University of California libraries and departments without a service fee. We do, however, recover the cost for storage used by archived content. The cost for storage is $1040 per terabyte. To put that cost into perspective:

  • The average broad capture of a website is 1.4 GB, costing $1.46 to store. A broad capture includes the website in its entirety, as well any immediately linked pages from other websites. This results in an average of 29,600 files captured.
  • The broad scope capture described above is used in just over a quarter of the captures run. Narrower scopes are less expensive.
  • The average archive contains approximately 200 captures of 33 sites. The average archive uses 151 GB storage, costing $157.00.

Use the calculator below to determine the cost for different storage amounts. If you are a WAS user, you will have access to reports for both entire archives and individual sites that provide storage size figures. Note that storage below 5 MB is below one penny, so will appear to be a zero cent charge.

Storage amount
Last updated: December 14, 2012
Document owner: Rosalie Lack