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February 16, 2012


WEST is governed by an Executive Committee that oversees its operation and development. The Committee drafts annual budgets for approval by member representatives and also seeks to integrate WEST with print archiving programs elsewhere, nationally and internationally.

WEST Executive Committee

  • Laine Farley (California Digital Library) (ex officio)
  • Brian Schottlaender (UC San Diego) (ex officio)
  • Kristine Brancolini (Loyola Marymount University)
  • Mimi Calter (Stanford University)
  • Rick Clement (University of New Mexico)
  • Anna Gold (California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo)
  • Sara Lowman (Rice University)
  • Marilyn Moody (Portland State University)
  • Jay Starratt (Washington State University)
  • Ivy Anderson (CDL Administrative Host) (nonvoting)
  • Emily Stambaugh (WEST Program Manager) (nonvoting)

WEST's Operations and Collections Council oversees issues related to holdings disclosure and access/delivery. Furthermore, the Council oversees the process to review and prioritize sets of titles and title nominations for inclusion in the WEST archive.

WEST Operations and Collections Council

  • Dawn Aveline (UC Los Angeles)
  • Steve Bosch (University of Arizona)
  • Lea Currie (University of Kansas)
  • Linda Di Biase (University of Washington)
  • Kerry Keck (Rice University)
  • Erik Mitchell (UC Berkeley/Northern Regional Library Facility)
  • Jeanne Richardson (Arizona State University)
  • Phil Schreur (Stanford University)
  • Roger Stelk (Whitman College)
  • Patti Martin (California Digital Library) (Ex-Officio, nonvoting)
  • Emily Stambaugh (WEST Program Manager) (nonvoting)
  • Lizanne Payne (WEST Planning and Systems Consultant) (nonvoting)
  • Danielle Westbrook (WEST Collections Analyst) (nonvoting)


The California Digital Library serves as the Administrative Host for WEST and is responsible for program management and administrative services including:

  • Providing an administrative home and support for the WEST Project Manager and other project staff.
  • Administering WEST financial operations: calculating and collecting fees, processing validation payments to Archive Builders, maintaining auditable accounts, and preparing quarterly income and expense reports.
  • Creating and maintaining WEST website with documentation, lists of participants, policies, etc.

WEST Program Contacts

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