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Mission, Vision and Values

The California Digital Library (CDL) is a dynamic and ever-evolving organization, and our mission, vision, and values reflect our emerging outlook. To learn more about what CDL wants to create and how we plan to get there, we encourage you to explore the California Digital Library Strategic Vision [PDF].

California Digital Library Strategic Vision

Our Mission

The California Digital Library provides transformative digital library services, grounded in campus partnerships and extended through external collaborations, that amplify the impact of the libraries, scholarship, and resources of the University of California.

Our Vision

The California Digital Library seeks to be a catalyst for deeply collaborative solutions providing a rich, intuitive and seamless environment for publishing, sharing and preserving our scholars’ increasingly diverse outputs, as well as for acquiring and accessing information critical to the University’s scholarly enterprise.

Read more about our vision.

Our Values

At the California Digital Library, we are passionate in our belief that the library, in all its forms, is critically important to the vital work of students, scholars and the public.

Read more about our values.

Our Work Culture

Our ambitions and values lead us to act in ways that honor the following principles:

Read more about our work culture.

Our Role

Since its founding in 1997, CDL has been working in partnership with the UC libraries. Our perspective is informed by our home in the UC system, as well as the emerging national and international library network infrastructure.

Read more about our role.

Our Path

We recognize that we live at a time of rapid and accelerating change, which leads us to de-emphasize rigid long-term planning and emphasize more agile behaviors. Through our strategic vision process, we enhance CDL’s ability to track new developments, assimilate them into our thinking, and continually adapt our day-to-day actions to changing realities.

Read more about our path.

Strategic Vision Documentation