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Mission, Vision and Values


The California Digital Library exists to support the University of California community’s pursuit of scholarship and to extend the University’s public service mission.


The California Digital Library’s vision is to elevate the digital library for UC so that it becomes "expansively global and deeply local". CDL will advance the digital transition of scholarly information in three spheres:

  • Access: Scholars will have access to the highest quality research collections worldwide through services that support and enable new scholarship and make it as open as possible.
  • Formats: CDL will support all digital formats throughout their life cycle with a full range of services, especially to surface UC’s unique digital assets and collections.
  • Scale: Through partnerships and alliances, CDL will elevate services to the network level for maximum impact.


At the California Digital Library, we can and do make a difference in supporting and positively transforming research, teaching, and learning at the University of California.

Our approach exemplifies our values. We believe in:

  • Innovation. We pursue innovation and solve complex research problems for our users by mobilizing the analytical and creative talents of our organization.
  • Collaboration. We extend our reach and amplify our effectiveness through collaborative partnerships and shared expertise.
  • Openness. We know that openness fosters innovation and builds trust, so we support open practices in access to resources, software development, and business agreements.
  • Sharing. We promote the broadest possible dissemination of knowledge, information, and tools to benefit the University and the public interest.
  • Privacy. We safeguard the privacy of our users in their quest for information.
  • Learning. We value experimentation, exchange of ideas, and the ongoing professional development of our staff.

Strategic Planning, Goals and Objectives

The California Digital Library engages in the strategic planning process on an ongoing basis. Our approach is to develop strategic plans that define our organization’s goals and objectives for a two-year time horizon. In 2011, CDL underwent an extensive review by an outside consultant. The outcome of the review, including a value assessment and recommendations, is made available below.