A core of senior management staff at the Office of the President is responsible for planning and creating the California Digital Library.  Several temporary advisory committees and working task forces have also been created to ensure critical connections to the campuses and customers.  Two of these groups are OPAG and STIC.  The Operations and Planning Advisory Group (OPAG), composed of senior professional staff from each campus library, advises the CDL on issues related to policies, procedures and operations of the California Digital Library.  The STIC Task Force has responsibility for advising the CDL on the content of its charter collection, the Science, Technology, and Industry Collection.  Additional advisory groups will be formed to assist the CDL in planning and implementation.

CDL Senior Staff

Executive Director and University Librarian Richard Lucier

Associate Director, Shared Collections and Services, Beverlee French (starting April 6, 1998; see announcement below)
Assistant Director, System Services, Laine Farley
Acting Technical Director, Robert Brandriff
Assistant Director, Business Development (under recruitment)
Assistant Director, Education and Communications (under recruitment)
Coordinator, Library Planning Initiative, Susan Starr until 6/30/98
Director of Library Planning & Policy Development, Gary Lawrence

Beverlee French Accepts Post as Associate Director, Shared Collections and Services, for the California Digital Library

Richard Lucier, University Librarian and Executive Director of the California Digital Library, is pleased to announce the appointment of Beverlee French as Associate Director, Shared Collections and Services, the California Digital Library.  The University of California’s President, Richard C. Atkinson, established the California Digital Library in the fall of 1997.  As part of its mission, the CDL will provide access to shared digital collections that support the University’s research and teaching missions and offer services that facilitate access to those collections.

Ms. French will be responsible for planning and implementing the shared collections of the CDL.  Her work will involve substantial collaboration with senior librarians and faculty in developing innovative plans and programs and devising implementation strategies for expanding the University’s shared digital holdings.

Richard Lucier says, “The depth and breadth of Ms. French’s experience in both the print and electronic world, and her long history with UC libraries, will be a real asset as the CDL develops a vision to guide the development of UC’s digital collections.  These collections will include not only digital versions of the traditional published literature but also UC’s unique special collections in digitized format, databases available only in digital form, and new forms of scholarly and scientific communication.”

Ms. French has a wide range of expertise in collection development, library management and technology, and public services.  Most recently she has served as the Assistant/Associate University Librarian for Sciences and Systems at UC Davis (1992-present), where she administered the science libraries (Biological and Agricultural Sciences Department, Physical Sciences, Health Sciences, and Medical Center Libraries), Government Information and Maps, and library computing services.

She has also been Acting Assistant University Librarian for Collections (1988-89) and Assistant University Librarian for the Sciences (1987-92) at UC Davis, as well as Chair of two systemwide committees, Heads of Public Services and the Computer Files Committee.

Prior to her appointment at UC Davis, she served as Head of the Science and Engineering Library, and as a reference librarian and cataloger at UC San Diego.  She holds an A.B. in social sciences and an M.L.S. from UC Berkeley.

CDL Operations and Planning Advisory Group (OPAG)


The CDL Operations and Planning Advisory Group (OPAG) advises the University Librarian and Executive Director, CDL on issues related to policies, procedures and operations of the California Digital Library.


OPAG meets monthly. Meetings rotate among the campuses.


OPAG includes a representative from the senior professional staff at each library, including the CDL, selected to provide an appropriate mix of interests and expertise.

Members are appointed by the Executive Director, CDL, in consultation with campus University Librarians.  One of the members serves as Chair.

Current Membership:

Phyllis Mirsky, UCSD, Chair (psmirsky@ucsd.edu)
Peter Brantley, UCSF (peebs@library.ucsf.edu)
Cynthia Clark, UCI (cclark@uci.edu)
Mary Heath, UCD (mkheath@ucdavis.edu)
Bernie Hurley, UCB (bhurley@library.berkeley.edu)
Cecily Johns, UCSB (johns@library.ucsb.edu)
Gary Lawrence, CDL (gary.lawrence@ucop.edu)
Alan Ritch, UCSC (aritch@cats.ucsc.edu)
Brian Schottlaender, UCLA (bschott@library.ucla.edu)
Susan Starr, CDL/UCSD (sstarr@ucsd.edu)
John Tanno, UCR (john.tanno@ucr.edu)


Members have been selected to serve an initial six-month term.  In June 1998, OPAG will advise the CDL on future structure and membership.