To facilitate access to the full text of journals from targeted publishers, links have been added to citations in Melvyl abstracting and indexing databases.  Using these links, users can go directly from a citation of interest to the full text of the corresponding article.  Links to Academic Press, APS, and certain Highwire Press journals may not work at all campus locations because access depends on campus-specific license arrangements.

Note that journal publishers are using UC campus IP addresses to control access to electronic articles.  UC users accessing the Melvyl web system from outside of UC campus networks may not be able to view articles at this time.  If you have questions about access for your campus, contact a local campus reference librarian.

Links are currently available from:

  • Academic Press’s IDEAL Service — Abstracts and full text of 175 journals in the sciences.
  • American Physical Society (APS) Journals — Full text of Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, and Reviews of Modern Physics.
  • Highwire Press — Full text of about 30 proceedings and other publications.  Highwire Press is an electronic publisher of works for several scholarly societies and university presses.
  • IEEE/IEE Journals and Conference Proceedings — Page images of publications from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).
  • Project Muse — Full text of 40 journals in social sciences humanities, and mathematics.
  • Springer’s LINK Service — Abstracts and full text of over 200 science journals.

We also have access to the publisher’s site for:

  • Kluwer Online — Full text of over 110 journals in philosophy and linguistics, computer science and engineering, biosciences, and business and economics (note that there are no direct article links for Kluwer journals).